Laboring in Love- NAHBS 2011

Every year people get together with their handmade bicycles and turn the show into something of a party. Or so I imagine. I haven’t yet been to an NAHBS show, but it looks like something I’d dig.

Rather than spout off a lot of what I don’t know about these bikes, I’ll just post a few of my favorite pics and share the link to their hand-grown home site. (Along with some mindless rabble that emulates my jabbering enthusiasm.)

Cherubim — A whole lot of  “I don’t know” mixed with a bunch of “Gotta get one.”


Panda Bicycles— Yes, yes, as a matter of fact I think I love you too!


Vulture Cycles— It’s a significant guarantee that I’m going to dig on anything Red, but this could have been any color, almost.


YiPsan— Oh my, my, oh hell yes, honey put on that party dress! (Yes, this one inhaled all my creativity.)


And, of course, you can always check out the NAHBS 2011 site for yourself and see what might inspire you to start Spring before the actual kickoff on March 20th. Happy trails and well pedaled rumps!


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