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March 7, 2011

Trekking with the Big Blue Book

Yesterday, I finally gave in and spent some of my money on Park Tool’s Big Blue Book of Bicycle Repair. It was never an issue of not having $25 to drop on this thing, it was always a matter of not wanting to relocate $25 of my money. Park Tool is an industry leader, but well, I could find most of the info online, and sometimes I just like to tinker.

REI, the blessed saints that they are, had my copy of the BBB stowed neatly away in the clearance section. Still wrapped, mostly untouched, and sadly unloved. A mere $11.93 would change both of our fates, and send me packing with this polished stone of non-fiction literature.

Yeah, well, ahem, this isn’t a sales pitch, and I’m not going to be paid to endorse this product, but I will say that it is a great resource to have, and being able to take it outside during a tune-up is a major time-saver. (I’m pretty paranoid about toting my laptop around, especially where tools are involved, in case that was your solution for me.)

If I have a critique of this book, it is that I am now holding a very thick marketing campaign that is actively targeting my future earnings. Page after page reminds me that I need this tool, I sure could use that one, imagine how smooth she’d roll if I had one of those . . .  I think you get where I’m going.

As it stands, the weather is warming, the days are expanding, and every bicycle in every nook of the world could use some level of love before the Spring bicycle routes erupt into full bloom. Just under 24 hours into our relationship, I can see where this book would have been worth the $25 I was always so reluctant to spend. Lighten your wallet, show some love, ride your bike.