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March 18, 2011

Get Out the Lead, Man

Because engaging your muscles to cover 140.6 miles wasn’t quite enough. A new race, a new format, complete with a new distance of insanity. Brought to you by the organizers of the famous Leadville 100 (the 100 mile Mountain Bike race, made even more famous in 2009┬áby Lance’s smoking time, and with the last few miles with a flat tire.) the LeadManTri is the newest test of physical endurance (maybe not the most extreme, but the newest) in the outdoor arena of Multisport.

You can read all about the event on the page, but the quick run down (courtesy of my favorite daily newsletter, Everyman Tri,) is roughly a 3.1 mile swim (compared to 2.4 for IronMan) 132 mile bicycle (112 for IM), followed by a half marathon (where IM demands a full marathon). Sounds simple enough, right? Training for the LeadManTri will certainly follow a different approach in order to compensate for the longer swim (where most people claim their weakness), and the longer bicycle ride (a strength for many), and shorter run.

This is a pretty exciting twist to the traditional full IronMan distance. I guess we’ll wait to see if it catches on in popularity, and whether or not it does, the main 2 questions remain: What are you doing now? -and- What next?

March 8, 2011

ElliptiGO-go Gadget!

Not really a bicycle, but if you have the dough, I think this would be worth the investment. The one pictured here is called the ElliptiGO and is ridden by Dean Karnazes. I’m sure there are other people who ride them, but this is the Dean-Man, and he’s a heck of an endorsement! (Not that he is in anyway affiliated with me or this blog. True, he should be, but at the moment of this writing, he is not.) ((In fact, at the moment, he is busy running from the West Coast to the East Coast to raise money to help fight childhood obesity. Yeah, I’d say he gets my respect for that!))

This machine is a low impact way for you to log your running miles, but without the confines of being indoors. I imagine it would be a great assistance for those recovering from foot, leg, knee, or lower back injuries. It would probably also be of benefit to recovering saddle sores, or other ailments induced by those teeny little bicycle seats for too long. In other words, a Cross Trainer.

If you’re still not convinced, you can request a free test ride, and from my skillful clicking and probing, I have found a dealer right here in Atlanta, Busy Body Gyms to Go. The main ElliptiGO page has an easy access menu for those non-Atlantians who found there way to my lusty blog, but if you are local, the tedious work of searching has been done for you.

Spring is sending out her invitations, see you outside!